Monday, 30 January 2012

What is the white line on my Samsung Galaxy S2 pattern lock screen?

If you look carefully at this screen shot you will be able to see a faint white line on the screen between today's date (Monday, 30 January) and the alarm (Tue 7:30) and charging icons (4%). A lot of people have been talking about this on forums recently and  have been worrying about some sort of possible screen error.

If you are worried about this single white line you need worry no more as it isn't just normal but actually serves a function as it breaks up the screen to show you things that
you may wish to know about. If you look at this second screen shot you'll see that the line is still there though the screen has the "Connect your charger" warning again breaking up today's date from the message.

If you are still worried about the line you can just check any other screen on your phone and you will notice it disappears. It really is normal and not something to worry about.

So the big question is why is it being spoken about on forums now a days? Well I'm not actually sure as the line has been on the screen since we first covered the pattern lock screen back in Summer last year.

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