Monday, 2 April 2012


Over the last week we've found ourselves wrangling with Vodafone n the UK. Our payment date was changed to THURSDAYS despite the fact we made clear in the original contract more than 2 years previous that we got paid on FRIDAY'S. In February they tried to take a payment that obvious bounced and WE were hit with the direct debit cost of £8. We understood that and CALLED the customer services the following month to get the direct debit changed.

The CUSTOMER service advised us to CANCEL the direct debit (which we did) and pay online the day the money was in out account and set up a new direct debit, simple...right? The following day we did cancel the direct debit (AS ADVISED) and eve went into a Vodafone store to advise them them of our decision (we weren't asked for ANY details in store). Come the following day, the day we told the customer we'd be able tom pay the bill...their online customer service desk kept giving up "technical errors". Technical errors are understandable usually, but when they are the followed by an e-mail saying the following:

"Hi, We've received your payment and we are currently processing it. If you need any more information, or help, our online Help Centre is open 24/7. To view your bills and manage your account online, visit Yours sincerely ,Vodafone Customer Care. This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this email address."

Note we got 4 of those e-mails...then on Monday morning we get cut off.

Now to me, maybe I'm being simplistic, we should NEVER have received those E-mails IF their was a technical error. First thing on Monday morning however, they let the SAME payment from THE SAME card go through no issues.

We have made a note of this on Vodafones own forum, if we do not get a reply we will be cancelling every contract as they cone to an end and we will be moving to O2, Everything Everywhere or 3 as wel feel this isn't only ridiculously but is utterly disgusting.

Vodafone the ball is in your court, we WILL make anything you say public, so make sure not to screw us again. We pay in excess of £70 a month, I'd expect that would make us "valued" customers.


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