Tuesday, 4 September 2012

How to copy text from the web on a Samsung Galaxy S3

With mobile phones now becoming full blown mini computers we've found new uses for our portable gadgets include surfing the whole internet. Whilst on the internet however we are almost always bound to find something that we want to to quote, send to someone one or share in someway (i.e. E-mail) as a result we want to copy and paste things. This guide shows you how to do the copying part of that on a Samsung Galaxy S3 whilst using Opera Mini (though other browsers work in a similar method).

The first thing you need to do is find what you want to copy, in this case I'm wanting to copy part of a guide on this site. To do this I go on to the page I want to copy from (see top left) and find the specific text that I want. At the edge of that text I hold my finger on the phone and get 2 little blue markers which I can move to where I want by dragging them.

When I have all the text I want inside the blue markers I left my finger off the screen and get a new on the screen allowing me to "Copy", "Search" or "Search With..." from these options I obviously want to "Copy" the text. After clicking on "Copy" this text will be moved on to your clipboard allowing you to paste it elsewhere.

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