Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to use the "Dual camera" feature on a Samsung Galaxy S4

One of the big selling points (or gimmicks, depending on how you see things) with the Samsung Galaxy S4 was the ability to take a picture with both the front camera and the main camera at the same time.

The idea was that the photographer could be included in photographs and videos or could be at a party on Skype and be included in a video conversation along with others in the room.Sadly beause we're pretty much doing this guide on the fly we're unable to truly show off how useful the feature is, but we can show you how to do.

Firstly you will need top open the camera app. From the Camera app you will notice 3 symbols on the top right hand side of the screen. The top of those 3 options allows you to switch from the front camera to main camera (and vice versa). The bottom of the 3 options opens up the camera menu. So instead of clicking on either of those two you need to select the middle option.

When you've pressed that icon you will notice a stamp like shape taken up by whatever is in the view of the other camera (as you can see in the image on the left, it's my hand!)

Of course this feature was made with certain purposes in mind though I could imagine a number of other scenarios including for example, taking a photograph of yourself somewhere rather unique (i.e. the top of a mountain) or with someone special (for example a celebrity) though it can, of course be used for various humorous pictures if you've the creativity to think of things.

How to change the clock format on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Most people seem to dislike using a 24 hour clock. It's always been a mystery to me as to why you'd dislike it but some folk just really don't get it. As a result of that we've decided to help show you folks how to change the clock format from the 24 hour format (popularly referred to as "Military time") to the more common 12 hour format.

Firstly you will need to go into the "Settings" menu which you do by pressing the phones menu button on any of the home screens and then clicking on "Settings" which is at the bottom of the pop up menu.

On the settings screen you need to select on the "More" tab which is on the extreme right of the "Menu" screen. This screen has a lot of options and settings that you can fiddle with though for the sake of changing the clock format you need to select the "Date and time" option which should be near the bottom of the screen.

After selecting on the "Date and time" option you will see a new screen with a number of date based option. For the sake of the guide you need to unselect the "Use 24-hour format" if you wish to use a 12 hour clock format (with AM/PM showing at the top of the phone) or select the option to continue to use a 24 hour clock.

The choice of format is of course yours to decide.