The best Free Android Apps

When it comes to “Apps” we all want the best that we can get for as little as possible. Here we are going to look at some of the best free Apps on the android marketplace. Feee free to download them or recommend more for this short (but growing) list:

Opera Mini

Out of the two I personally prefer Opera Mini though both are excellent browsers that allow for multi-tabbed browsing and are extremely swift. Whilst other options such as Boat Browser, Dolphin and Ultra Light are available they aren't on par with the two I've listed above.

Angry Birds (the lot of them)
Bubble Blast 2
Jewels Deluxe Free&Full
Paradise Island
Pumpkins v Monsters

Whilst the Android market features a huge amount of games for free most are pretty average, this doesn't stop some excellent games from being found however. The Angry Birds series of games are addictive, enthralling and truly wonderful games and although they almost killed my HTC Wildfire they play as smoothly as a babies bottom on the Samsung Galaxy S2. Alchemy is a classically addictive game that really is the standard bearer for the Android games. Both Bubble Blast and Jewels Deluxe are addictive games that will keep you addicted and have huge a huge, time draining quality to them.

Any further additions to this list can be found here: The Best Free Android Games

Social Networking:

Although these are all pretty obvious they are incredibly valuable and useful. Personally I'd advise either going with Tweetdeck or the combination of Facebook and Twitter though both choices are excellent. Each of the apps have their own uses and can be set to sync with the phone just to add that extra little bit of brilliance. If you use social networking make sure to download the official apps.

3G Watchdog
Tunein Radio

Although these are vastly different programs they should all be downloaded almost immediately. 3G Watchdog is one of the most needed apps you will find on the market and will allow you to keep an eye on your 3G usage whilst the other 3 apps each have their own very distinct uses which I've personally found to be amazing.

Whilst this is far from a full list of the best free apps it's a starting point and something that will grow. For android users they should take a look at the list and help me add more apps where needed and even download the apps themselves.