Samsung Galaxy S2 FAQ's

If you've not seen a guide for your problem on the main blog then this is the place to look for regularly asked questions on the Samsung Galaxy S2, if you've got any more to ask feel free to leave a comment:

Is the phone worth getting?
At the moment it's the best phone on the market (IMO) and until the iPhone 5 it's likely to remain that way. With contracts some can be as tasty as £30 a month (24 month) for 1GB internet, unlimited texts and 500 minutes (with 3 in the UK) it's really a phone worth getting and is more than affordable

How do I make the camera quiet?
You need to upgrade to the latest firmware and then set the phone to silent mode.
NOTE-The current version of the firmware takes away the ability to change text skin

Why is the home button slow?
When you press the home button you may notice a few seconds of lag, this is the phone waiting to see if you are pressing it once (to go home) or twice (to open up Vlingo voice control).

Is the home button supposed to click?
Yes the home button is supposed to make a quiet "click" sound when you press it. Unlike the "back" and "menu" keys this is a "real" key and you are pressing a small plastic button which is clicking.

Does the radio use up the internet?
The inbuilt FM Radio application does NOT use the internet at all and instead uses an internal FM receiver. If you're using an application however such as TuneIn radio, BBC iPlayer or doubleTwist for the radio functions these DO use internet (be it Mobile Internet or Wi-Fi)

How do I use the FM radio on loud speaker?
I did touch on this very quickly when talking about how to get the most from the FM radio app, but what you need to do is press the phones "menu" button and then select "Via Speaker".

How do I set an SMS ringtone?
With the Samsung Galaxy S2 an SMS ringtone is actually considered as part of "Notification ringtone" and a guide for setting that can be found here.

How do I browse the desktop version of facebook on a Galaxy S2?
Firstly you will need to log into it via a browser and not the facebook app. There should be an option at the top that says "More". If you click on that a long list opens and at the bottom of the list is "Desktop site". Clicking on this opens a desktop version of the site.

Does the GPS use mobile internet?
Technically the right answer is no...though this is a case where the technicality isn't the best answer. The Maps application that you will likely be using GPS with does use internet to update the map so you will need a data connection for that. There is some work around solutions but none that are particularly simple.

Is my accelerometer broken?
This question seems to come up on a lot of forums what you need to do is enter the test screens (guide here) and click on sensor and see if the accelerometer responds the way it should in the "Sensor" test. If so take it back to the place where you bout it, whats more likely is that you've just twiddled with a setting and confused yourself.

Can I change the dock?
The dock, or in laymans terms the icons at the bottom can be moved and changed almost at will. The application icon cannot be moved but the others can, a guide on doing that can be found here.

Can I use the phone to browser the internet on my laptop?
Yes. There is two ways of using the Samsung Galaxy S2 to allow your laptop to browse the internet, the first option is via a wired "USB tethering" option and the second is by turning the phone into a "Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot".

What can I do with the front camera?
You can do 4 things with the front camera. At the moment the stand out function is making Skype video calls (though other video calling systems do work I recommend using Skype), though can also take self shot photographs and self shot videos and of course, you can use it as a mirror.

When is the phone out in the USA?
The Samsung Galaxy S2 hasn't got a confirmed release date in the USA at the time of writing. What is however know is that the device will be given a number of different names depending on which provider you get the phone with.
Samsung Within (Sprint)*
Samsung Attain (AT&T)
Samsung Function (Verizon)

*The Samsung Within is also rumoured to have had another name change and will become the Samsung Epic Touch 4G

Why have the US had to wait for the phone?
This has been, partly anyway, due to the previous question. The carriers (or networks) all want their own version of the phone which has slowed down the release dates. Whilst a number of countries, including the UK have had the phone for well over a month it still isn't available in the US.

Can I root the handset?
Yes you can. I've not done a guide on it as I won't be rooting mine though you can feel free. I would advise XDA forums as the place to look if you want to start.

What is the Galaxy S2 chihuahua?
This is one of the phones most bizarre secrets. If you open the test menu and click on"Sensor" then "Image test" you will be treated to this picture which is the Galaxy S2 chihuahua.

What security options is there on the Samsung Galaxy S2?
So far on this site we have looked at the 3 screen lock security methods.
Pattern-You draw a pattern on 9 circles on the screen, to get access to the phone the pattern needs to replicated.
PIN-You need to enter a 4 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number), to get access you need to correctly enter the number.
Password-This is the most secure method of locking your screen as you can enter a long and complex password that really could be as good as impossible to hack.
As well as these you can remotely factory reset your phone over Samsung Dive which gives you an added layer of protection.